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Release: Clip Top Blumotion Blum

Grupo Sandrin - 18 de March de 2019 - 0 comments

We know that dream living spaces are built and perfected through the details that ensure the high functionality and quality of each project. That’s why our partnership with Blum represents another improvement: The CLIP Top Blumotion hinge.
The CLIP Top Blumotion is designed to open and close 200,000 times several kinds of doors, regardless of their weight or closing speed. Best of all: a gentle push is all that is required for closing it.

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● High-tech for motion and comfort;
● Blumotion integrated to hinge cup;
● Silent and effortless closing action;
● Hinge pivoting point for thicker doors;
● Elegant design;
● Easy assembly system.

You can order CLIP Top Blumotion hinges for your projects at the Sandrin brand stores.